Executive Council

  The Executive Council (EC) has full control of the business of the Union between Annual Delegate Meetings (ADM) and can take any decision not inconsistent with the Union Rules. In effect, this is the most powerful body in the Union. Unfortunately, in recent years, they have allowed the senior officials to usurp their power.

Members of the EC are prevented from registering their opposition at meetings, this means that we can't see how our representatives are voting on our behalf. The minutes of the EC which are circulated to those branches who request them are incomprehensible to most members.Members should encourage their branches to complain about the lack of openness in the running of the EC.

Branches should submit propositions to the Unions' Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM) which takes place in Blackpool, for four days at the end of April, to demand change. Help can be obtained from this site to formulate propositions. Contact the editor usdawdemocrat@hotmail.co.uk

   A C
South Wales and Western Division       Eastern Division

  Barbara Wilson Simon Vincent
  Dennis Stinchcombe Barbara A Woolford

    E   F
  Midlands Division     North Eastern Division
  Kelvin Davies Mike Dixon
  Barbara McAllister Pat Fitzgerald

    G  K
  Scottish Division    North West Division

    Susan Coutts Anne Hickson
  Harry McAllister  Jan Jervis
     Anthony Threlfall
  H   North West Division have 3 EC members
  Southern Division 
    Dennis Hart
    Robbie Segal
  General Secretary    President

  John Hannett Jeff Broome

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