Usdaw Complaints Procedure


The maintenance of the relationship of trust and confidence that exists between members and Officials is fundamental to the smooth and effective operation of the Union.
To this end the following procedure has been designed to resolve/remove any obstacle that may harm this fundamental relationship.
The Procedure
A Informal Stage
As in any relationship, differences or misunderstandings can occur from time to time.
If such a situation occurs the aggrieved member or group of members should seek a meeting with the Official concerned in an endeavour to resolve the matter.

Such a meeting should take place within ten (10) days of the member or members indicating their dissatisfaction to the Official.

B Formal Stage
If following the meeting provided for in A above the matter remains unresolved or is an alleged serious matter of conduct or behaviour, full details of the complaint should be made in writing to the Divisional Officer who will advise the Official concerned that a complaint against them has been made together with the details of the complaint.

The Divisional Officer will conduct a full investigation and advise the member or members concerned of their conclusions and findings and any action deemed appropriate to resove the particular problem raised. This process will be completed as speedily as possible, which in most instances should be no more than twenty one (21) days.

If following the investigation by the Divisional Officer the member or group of members remain aggrieved they may refer the matter giving full details in writing of their complaint together with reasons for their dissatisfaction with the outcome of the Divisional Officer's investigation to the General Secretary.

The reference to the General Secretary should be made within ten (10) days of the member or group of members being advised of the Divisional Officer's findings.

The General Secretary will conduct an investigation and advise the member or group of members of his decision as soon as possible but under normal circumstances within 21 (21) days of the matter being referred.

The decision of the General Secretary will be final.

Divisional and National Officers
Complaints against Divisional Officers or National officers will go direct to the General Secretary stage of this procedure.

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