Annual Delegate Meeting

This is the Unions' policy making conference. Every decision is binding on all members.

The Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM) is held each year in Blackpool from the last Sunday in April for four days. Every third year the conference deals with Rule changes put forward by members and the Executive Council (EC). Next Rule change ADM is in 2014

It has become the practice for the EC to put forward a rule change each year regarding Union contributions ie the amount we all pay in membership subs.

Delegates to the ADM are elected by members at their own Union Branch. Unfortunately, many meetings are poorly attended, which allow officials to 'select' those members they want to attend. Too many Branches are 'controlled' by Area Organisers (full time officials), in fact over 50% of Branches have a full time official as Branch Secretary. Some officials will be Secretary for a number of branches. Officials who are acting as Branch Secretary, but not a member of the Branch, have no right to vote on any issue.

Branches can submit up to three propositions for debate to the ADM and up to three amendments to propositions put forward by other branches (including your own). The delegates from the Branches debate these propositions at the ADM and vote on your behalf. Any proposition requiring a change to the Union Rules, must be voted on by a 'card vote'. This means that delegates cast the Branch 'Block' vote, which is every member in your branch, for or against the proposition. Your Branch can 'mandate' your delegate(s) to vote how the Branch determines. when they attend the ADM.

Members or Branches can get help from THUD to formulate propositions and amendments. Contact the editor

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