No matter what type of vehicle you have (city car, SUV / 4x4, sports car or commercial vehicle), in any case the tires are the first element capable of guaranteeing safety on all types of trips and journeys, long, short or medium distance. For more references, check out: Yokohama Avid Touring S Review

Whatever the route to your destination (whether it is a routine commute from home to work, or a trip to a vacation on the beach or in the mountains), riding with the right tires is the key that will allow you to reach the your destination safely.

In fact, tires are the point of direct contact between the car and the road. For this reason, when you equip tires suitable for the current season and in good condition it will directly affect the main characteristics of your vehicle. Thus, you will achieve better levels of grip, consumption, greater damping in situations of irregular bumps, more safety in speed reductions and greater precision in driving, especially when approaching and during curves.

For the reasons explained above, it is always recommended to take care of your vehicle's tires, carrying out all necessary maintenance operations, such as changing the tires, periodically checking the pressure, checking the balance, etc., ensuring that they are always in working condition. travel safely, especially when dealing with uneven or particularly stressful tire tracks.


The best way to know the condition of the tires is to check the tire tread for wear (part that is in direct contact with the tread). The thickness of the tires is represented by the depth of the grooves and, depending on the intended use and the climatic conditions for which they were designed, these grooves can be more or less deep. Normally, the thickness of a tire in good condition is 3 to 6 mm.

Car tires are equipped with indicators inserted in the tread. When wear causes these indicators to appear, it is a sign that indicates that the thickness of the tires is less than 1.6 mm, the minimum depth established by law, to circulate legally. In addition to violating the Traffic Laws, below this measure, tires are no longer able to guarantee performance standards or the safety of the driver and passengers.

In that case, you should go to one of our nearest Driver Center workshops as soon as possible to replace your vehicle's tires and continue to travel safely.


Driver Center is a network specialized in the sale and assembly of tires from the best brands that offers its customers the experience gained over years of work and the knowledge of its specialists to perform all the services it needs: checking the condition of the tires; pressure control; and repair and replacement of used, expired or damaged tires.

The services offered by the Driver Center workshops are constantly aimed at satisfying their customers, and each action is carried out taking into account the highest quality parameters, respect for the car and the applicable standards.


In the Driver Center workshops you can find offers and promotions of seasonal tires from the main brands and a wide range of products for all makes and models of vehicles.

In addition, with the experts at Driver Center you can find advice on the most suitable tires for your vehicle and driving style. Thus, you will be able to find tires suitable for those who travel many kilometers, for more city use, for sports and tires suitable for all circumstances and climatic conditions.

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